Instagram Story Feedback (plus a warm winter day look!)

Posted on Feb 5 2018 - 8:26am by CARLY

The other day I did a spur of the moment poll on Instagram Stories about things to cover on the Book!  The feedback was so fun I decided to turn it into a post. Lots of you voted. Then lots of you sent me messages/comments, but did not vote (maybe cause we’re inclined to either press the YES/NO button OR swipe up to respond, but not both??) So it was interesting to analyze! It turns out most of you want MORE MAMA STUFF. I might have to do another poll to get more specific. Like, do we want to see more “day in the life” type things? Baby food? Schedules? Toys/Books? Clothes? Or like reaaaal mama stuff. Work/life balance. Mom guilt. Self care. Etc.?The HAIR & BEAUTY thang was quite funny! Cuz it was sort of a joke and I actually thought more of you would say no, but some of you DM’d me with specific hair requests (thanks!?!). Maybe I’ll refresh my bun(bun) tutorial. Some of you DM’d me and said you’d rather see style over beauty and I really appreciate the honesty! When it came to HIGH FASHION vs. MAMA STYLE, most of you favored the ladder. Thank goodness. On it! And as far as INFERTILITY STUFF, while not all of you voted for this, it received the most engagement via DM’s over any other topic with tons of comments and requests! Whenever I touch on infertility I’m always surprised at the powerful responses I receive from women looking for info, hope and inspiration. And just how common infertility is! I truly feel that I was given this platform to share, speak and help others going through it. There will be more to come!Pretty much all of you wanted FAVES. Since we have lots of them I think I’ll start with baby books (which I actually just posted about on Insta!), baby clothes, and some me-things I like! And then I’ll add in some HOME DECOR too since lots of you we’re into that idea!  I plan to incorporate OTHER MAMAS in down the road since I’m constantly reading blogs and stories from other moms about baby food, sleep training, juggling family and career, etc.  Looks like I’m going to be very busy!! Bare with me friends, because, well, babies:)

I uncovered this old photo because I’ve recently ventured back into the off the shoulder thing with the current 70-80 degree weather in SoCal. This exact top is unavail but similar one on sale here (and also by Joie). I love that the style is great for nursing  plus when you get a loose & flowy one its usually pretty comfortable. I also love green jeans in the winter! Any season really, and ballet flats never go out of style. Throw on a fedora hat when you’re sick of that mama-bun and voila! Some more options below. Happy Monday!



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