baby food! (vol. 1)

Posted on Jan 22 2018 - 8:41am by CARLY

Baby food!

I was totally dreading it. Because the twins’ schedule is already so particular, why do we need to add one – I mean three – more feedings to the day (multiplied by two buns)? And the mess. Oh the mess they will make. The mess I will make! The prepping, the cleaning. It just didn’t sound fun.


But it is! I love going to the grocery store with my kids in mind. Of course they’re always in my mind (do I need to reiterate that?) but grocery shopping is now a full on fun to do (most times). I get to go through each aisle and buy for my family. Not just for my husband and I with occasionally some diapers on the side. There’s something really empowering about it. I gotta tribe to feed, peeps!

Also, cooking is a love hate relationship. I love it. But I don’t really. Truthfully I just love the idea of it. Because when push comes to shove, I shove the cooking. You know, in exchange for an extra hour of free time and an almost as yummy frozen dinner (#nobrainer).  But the other day I decided to use nap time to not work, not shower, not read (another new rezzy I’m just touching on…help!), but COOK. And to embrace it. I decided to start a recipe with intention and continue it only if I was enjoying it. If I was in the mood. And only if could stop thinking about all the other things that were not getting done. Once I got into the mental mode I needed, I was in it to win it. Since I had a ton of extra lentils from a party I recently hosted (leftovers are such a great thing to think about when deciding on a recipe!), I made these lentil burgers from weelicious (note they are not what’s photo’d above, those are just simple foods I mention below!). I made a giant mess (hence the no picture taking). Also, I forgot some ingredients. The patties were breaking/gooey and I clearly did something wrong. It took twice as long as it should have (my fault). But I did it. And I had fun! And I think it’s because I made it my task for that hour. And most importantly, I knew I was doing it for three other people I love. Husband’s in crumbled form and babys’ in mashed. Zoe sort of ate it, and Slater made his what’s she giving me now face, but they ate it. My husband ate it too. I think we all thought it was weelish. I win.


I know, its not about winning. And no, I am not going to be cooking every day. But I am interested. I might try to make something new once a week. Thats a realistic resolution, right? Probably more realistic than my reading dream so we’ll see.


You guys were all so fun on Instagram stories when I posted the Buns eating all their first foods. So many comments, questions and tips, and some of you asked me to jot them down in a post along with some things I already love (which is really cool by the way…that we are all in this new mama thing sharing and learning from one another!). Aside from recipes I’m trying from weelicious, pinterest and friends of course, here’s a good list of simple things that I have been or plan to make on a daily basis! Thanks to everyone for sending your thoughts and contributions…keep ’em coming!


Oatmeal – all time favorite food. I haven’t done the home-made version yet (sorry but not). Instead I buy this one or this one by Gerber. I’m going to attempt overnight oats soon. I’ve also made healthy oatmeal breakfast cookies which I shared on Instagram, but I will post here as well!

Apples – The Buns’ first fruit! In apple sauce form

Pears – they just tried these mashed up…might be their new fave

Bananas – Zoe LOVES

Sweet Potato – their favorite dinner!

Carrots – they eat them, but we’re not sure if we’ve got fans over here

Peas – these are next on my list to mash up and try!

Eggs – we tried them with olive oil, but it wasn’t enough. Today we did butter, and mixed the eggs with some broccoli! Slater loved it, and Zoe cried (we’ll try it again, Zo)! Other suggestions were mixing the eggs with breast milk or formula (such a good one!). Or adding other veggies, quinoa, and/or avocado. Oh, and serving the yolk only since its a nicer consistency!

Greek Yogurt – they love this! But usually only when mixed with a banana. We buy plain whole fat by Fage and add a touch of fruit. Or I’ve been using this no sugar added banana cinnamon yogurt by Siggi’s

Quinoa – we tried it with greek yogurt and banana! We’ve also done quinoa pancakes – Slater was obsessed. Some of you suggested mixing with almond butter or almond milk which we’re going to try next! I’ve also made delicious cheesy quinoa muffins a friend suggested. I’m trying to keep a container of cooked quinoa in the fridge at all times because it’s so easy to make, and there are sooo many easy things to create with it!

Seasoning/Spices- lots of people said they just add salt, lemon pepper, cinnamon, and/or curry (can’t wait to try this sometime!) to baby food to spruce it up a notch!

Snacks: Puffs (big Gerber fans over here). Try the banana or sweet potato. My husband pretends he’s teaching the Buns to eat, but he secretly loves and devours the apple cinnamon flavor. We also like teether biscuits by Happy Baby. They don’t have much nutritional value, but the Buns like to munch on them and I like to think it’s helping them learn how to use their teeth :)

I’m testing out some pre-made baby foods too because though I wish I could homemake it all, it’s just not realistic. For me that is. And part of reaching any goal here is maintaining realism, right? I’ll let you know how it goes!


If you’re wondering about our music choice via TV its oldies. We love oldies, especially in the morning! And for those of you wondering about my outfit, haha (or lack thereof)…this is what I typically wear during the hours of 4pm-7pm. The hours they are most likely to make a mess with their colorful dinner foods. The hours they’re most likely to throw some of it up. And the hours they’re most likely to pee on me as we make our way to the bath. End of story:)



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