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Posted on Oct 10 2017 - 2:37pm by CARLY


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Hi Guys!

I feel like I’ve been so MIA lately. I mean, there was a period I went ten days without posting on Instagram which I wish could say was for clarity (because I actually do enjoy taking breaks from social media every now and then), but it was because I had no time. We’ve been moving and it has taken everything out of me! We’re finally finishing up, I’m starting to get back into my routine and seeing friends again (including my bestie and her new baby boy who I just got to meet!).

It all happened pretty quickly. Hunter and I always knew that someday we wanted a more family friendly neighborhood with good schools and what not for our kids, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago we decided why wait, lets look. We weren’t ready to buy yet so we browsed for rentals just for fun to see what was out there. We had no idea we’d find a house that checked all our boxes (which is so hard to do when you’re buying or renting…with kids!), the realtor called us the next day to tell us it was ours, and the rest was history. I didn’t even have time to process it. My family came up a couple days later to help us move the big stuff out of our place, and just like that we moved! We still have belongings in our old place so are going back and forth, but for the most part are starting to feel settled. Not much furniture (we finally borrowed some folding chairs from our friends so we don’t have to eat standing up-thanks guys!) but the babies’ room is pretty much good to go and that’s all that matters right? :)

So anyway, there you have it. Between moving our things from place to place, then the babies, we’ve been busy. Hunter and I still take turns going to get more from our old apartment so one of us can always be home with the babies (we tried taking them back and forth with us but it was too much on them). Every hour the Buns are napping (which is usually when I work) is spent unpacking or organizing. Every hour the twins are awake, I drop the moving process to be with them. So it’s taking a lot longer than expected (like a month vs a weekend, haha), but it will all be worth it! We’ve visited our new area for friends more than a hundred times but living here is brand new adventure. Especially with the babes! I get excited over new parks and grocery stores-haha! And parking!! We’re loving our neighborhood, and the people are so nice.

We’ll sure miss Santa Monica-lots of memories were made there! Hunter and I dated there, got engaged, married, built businesses and had babies there. I mean, it’s a very special place that will always hold a big piece of our hearts. So this was a big decision. The first big decision we made with and for the Buns and it’s just felt like a really neat milestone in our life. We’re excited for the next chapter and to share it all with you!



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