happy halfsie Buns!

Posted on Oct 23 2017 - 6:44am by CARLY

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months. Like, what???? I’ll try to save the mush and most tears for their first birthday – I’ll let you know how that goes later (as it’s 6am and I’m already shedding a tear looking at photos). I know everyone says the days are long but the years are short and I concur, it could not be more true. I feel like it was yesterday we were sitting in the reception area of our fertility doctor’s office waiting to meet her for the first time. And now I wonder about the day I’ll run into her with my babies and what I would say to her. Because how do you ever, thank someone for the gift beyond gifts.


Motherhood is by far the hardest job I have ever had – and I’ve had a few where I slept (or didn’t sleep) with my blackberry (remember BBM?!).  The other day my mom friend asked if I thought she could possibly be losing brain cells because she forgets things more easily. I said “yeah maybe, but also I think that’s mom life?” I contemplated with her as I reflected on the many minutes, hours, days and weeks I’ve felt brain dead to the point that I’m incapable of speaking words by night time. Unless they’re, “I’m SOOO thirsty” of course that according to my husband, is a common phrase of mine. Because if you’re a mama, you know finding a second to get one sip of water during the day is sometimes impossible.

But the job is so rewarding. It’s as simple as that. The moments of screaming children plus poop plus spit up plus everything else that can sometimes feel like hours are quickly forgotten when those babies come calm as they snuggle up to your chest, or better yet, smile up at you with their entirely full and chubby cheeked face. And that is why us mamas start all over again every day. Cuz it’s so SO good :)

So what’s a day in the life now?

Not much has changed! But then again everything has changed. I say that because we are still waking up, doing bottles, boobs, walks and all that jazz every day like before, but the babies are definitely entering new phases with new needs. We get up between 5am and 7am. We’re in the middle of transitioning to a new schedule so hopefully in a couple weeks we will be back to sleeping through the night! I love to breast feed in the morning when I can. I feel like it’s my moment to connect with each of them in the quiet of our house, and sometimes in my bed…which is nice! Lots of people ask if I still tandem and yes, I do…but when I have the time and calmness of the two, I prefer one after the other so can spend alone time with each, as it’s rare  I get that opportunity.  If Hunter is still home we will each do a bottle so he can bond with them before he heads to work. We play before the babies first nap, which is when I will clean up, prep bottles for the day, and get some work done. I try to get them out mid day for lunch or a play date with friends. It’s gotten easier but harder to leave the house now though. Easier because I know the babies better and I’m better at “winging it,” harder because their nap schedule is a bit more particular leaving little windows, and also if it’s not timed perfectly it’s a marathon to get them out. Walks are doable but I’m literally panting and sweating each time I put the babies in the car for a road trip (big or small) by myself.  Don’t be fooled by my Instagram because I really don’t take the Buns far on my own… 75% of the time we’re out and about, Hunter is usually with us! That said, when it is both of us,  we try to get out as much as possible as a family of four.  K, back to the sched. In the afternoon I usually take the babies on a walk (usually easy because I don’t bring all their stuff since we don’t go too far), and around 6:30pm is when we begin our bedtime routine which starts with a bath and ends with a story and bottle in the nursery. I love these few minutes because when Hunter’s home we like to do it together, and it’s become special family time in a peaceful room with no distraction. The babies go down by 7pm and we try to relax the rest of the night with dinner and occasionally a TV show. There are days I don’t check my email till 8pm, so sometimes my evenings are spent working. There are also nights when the babies fuss for hours too, but we try to enjoy the nights we can!

And what are they doing?

Slater loves to roll! Zoe’s just gotten the hang of it too and is very proud. She is also a talker. No wait. Singer! She discovered her voice recently and I have to say, it’s quite pretty! Slater is starting to laugh more and back to Zoe…you know she’s REALLY happy when she scrunches her nose and uses every muscle in her face to smile. We’re teaching them how to sit up, and about to give them solids. Lots of changes over here so I’ll have to update you with how everything goes! Oh, and some of their current favorite 6 month things below. For more, you can always check out our nursery items, newborn essentials, and fave fall clothing!

PLAY MAT (part of our morning routine)

DR. BROWNS BOTTLES (we use fast flow level 3 nipples)

SLEEP SHEEP (this soothes the babies before and during bedtime. soothes me too!)

WUBBANUB (where would we be without these?)

LOVEY (the babies’ loveys have really come in handy for all their new changes. they’re a sense of comfort and have started to calm them)

POUT POUT FISH (I…I mean the babies…love this book!)

GOODNIGHT MOON (part of our bedtime routine. a classic)

TABLE FOR TWO (great for twins to feed or lounge in)

MUSLIN BLANKET (I lay one of these down each morning so they can roll and play as they please)

BABY SEAT (we are using these to learn to sit and will use them when we start doing solids)

CARDIGANS (I keep these in our diaper bag, car or stroller. we have lots of colors and are starting to need bigger sizes!)

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