embryo(s) transfer day

Posted on Sep 20 2017 - 6:48am by CARLY


One year ago today we met our Slater and Zoe for the first time. The little embryos that could. The little embryos who are now, sleeping sweetly in their little crib. Today I not only celebrate them, but I also celebrate all the struggling mamas I’ve connected with since sharing our story. It is your hundreds of messages I’ve received the past 12 months that have made me feel that more committed to you all and helping you feel less alone in your journey.


Aside from social media inquiries, I get tons of people stopping me and asking a million questions when I have the twins in tow. The most common, “do they run in your family?” “-NO.” “Your husband’s?” -“NO.” I usually now straight up say “We did IVF” to skip the light interrogation but also to make it feel more normal. Some strangers are caught off guard in response to my openness…and yeah, it is a big deal, but at the same time, it isn’t. It’s just part of my story. And I’m proud of it.

That said, I’ve loved sharing  each part our adventure with you and I plan to be forever open about it. My infertility journey-my journey to our children– will always be a part of me. I don’t ever want to forget it. Nor all its special dates like today.

I watched our many home videos of IVF doctor appointments, injections etc and boy did they bring all the stinging feels (physically and emotionally!). One day I’ll share more behind the scenes pics and clips…and maybe I’ll be able to put my overwhelming feelings of love, joy, and pure gratitude over the last year to paper. For now there just isn’t enough space, but you can read more about our IVF story here, and our pregnancy here and here.

To all my struggling mamabears and infertility warriors…stay strong. And be proud too.


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