BUMPdate! 28 Weeks

Posted on Mar 16 2017 - 7:10am by CARLY

Time for a BUMPdate! A long overdue one I might add. Here’s what’s happening:

Weeks Pregnant: 28 Weeks! THIRD Trimester! WHATT?? Crazy!!

Food Aversions: None!

Cravings: I eat pretty much how I did before pregnancy. Lots of healthy stuff, with dessert on the side! You’re probably wondering if it’s fun to eat for three. That’s a tricky one. Of course eating is fun, but it’s not like I’m scarfing down pizzas left and right because “I can eat what I want.” Since I’m carrying twins it’s less about how much I’m eating and more about what I’m eating (though it is important that I eat enough for my Buns!). My doctor suggested I skip the bread and sugar and go straight for the protein and (healthy) fat. These twins need a LOT of it. I usually still eat the same serving of protein with every meal, and resort to this piece of goodness by Papa Steves in between meals or for dessert which has 20g of protein! It’s the perfect solution so I can still eat what I want at meals (i.e. chick salad, lean meat, lots of cheese, beans, protein packed veggie burgers etc) without feeling sick to my stomach because I ate a whole chicken. Of course I still indulge in lots of pasta and ice cream but I wouldn’t say every day.

Movement: SO MUCH you guys! There is a circus inside of me! The Buns usually party the most at night. It used to be that I would just feel them but sometimes I’ll be on my computer on the couch and see a giant stomach spasm…like a hand or foot bulge out. It’s crazy. Hunter gets a kick out of it (no pun intended) and says they’re “shredding.” It’s part of his grand plan to make them little surfer groms. I’m having braxton hicks contractions here and there but nothing major. Also, baby boy is head down, and his feet are in my ribs. It hurts to sit. My right side is so lopsided! Baby girl is center left, lower, and breech. She’s always around my belly button which moves up an down when she does. Oh yeah, and she’s on my bladder. Which means when I have the tiniest sip of water…I have to hit the bathroom. Sooo sleeping is super fun these days when I’m getting up every 10 minutes. But like I said once before…the no sleep thing is good prep!


Sleep: As mentioned, having to get up to go to the bathroom throughout the night makes it hard to get a good night sleep, but sometimes it happens! The other night I slept a solid 8 hours, and last night I slept about 4. I’ve never been a wonderful sleeper so though it’s not an awesome situation I’m not complaining too much. Only gonna get worse, right? :)


Discomfort: My SI has been loose since the beginning of my 2nd trimester, but now that I’m hitting my 3rd, it’s getting a little more intense, and my right hip gets stuck. Painful yes but totally manageable. My right side is the side where the majority of the babies’ weight is, so I actually find it all so interesting. I mean it’s pretty cool what’s going on in my bod! I go to physical therapy about once a week to treat it, and ice it at night.


Exercise: I’m still exercising regularly but that’s relative since it’s very light to the point I rarely break a sweat. I know it’s about to change as I’m starting to slow down, so kind of doing what I can, while I can! I mostly do modified Pilates…with no ab work whatsoever. It feels great, and is almost more for my mind than my body (since let’s be honest,  while the rest of the class is doing “Catfish” & “Bear,” I’m just stretching haha).


Nursery: OMG! So happy I can take my last “zero” status to a seven! The second we painted, the room looked totally different! The same day we turned it grey, Hunter built the cribs so it all started to hit. Our babies now have a room. Which means,  a new era is beginning. They are actually coming!! On the other hand, it’s an end of an era. Hunter has always worked from his home office (aka nursery now). When I worked full time at my PR agency, I would always be the one to leave in the am and come home to him at night (I know, the reverse of most situations!!). When I started working for myself,  not much changed as I was still the one to run out to meetings/lunches and come home to him working at his desk (when he wasn’t at his properties). The first morning he went to his newly leased (& pretty!) office space was a little weird for me, and kind of emotional on many levels. Change is so good though! And I just had my baby shower (which was incredible, and will share more deets later) so we have tons of baby goodies to organize. I can’t walk by the room without stepping inside and smiling. If I’m having even the slightest of a stressful/tired/weird/bad day, the room lifts me up with so much joy. It’s like you can feel this little piece of Heaven just waiting patiently in stillness for my babies.


Style: I hope you’re enjoying my maternity looks! I try to mix in some old regular pre-preg photos on the Book with current/relevant product too so you non-preggos are still engaged. I’ve had a lot of fun embracing my bod and trying new things, but if you haven’t noticed my go-to’s are basic fitted tops & dresses with jackets & accessories. I’m excited for the warmer weather so I can start wearing spring frocks and shorts…explore that type of maternity style. Also, I do wear a lot of NON maternity…it was tricky at first to figure out what works, but I think I’ve got the hang of it. If you need some tips, visit my “maternity boutique” in the menu bar under “SHOP.” You can also shop my maternity outfits here. And the babies…they’re getting more and more cute little outfits! I’m excited to start putting their things away in their nursery-I’ve been waiting so long for this!

Next Steps: going to the Dr. every week still, and seeing the high risk Dr. once a month (not for any reason except the twin factor-knock on wood it stays like that). We’re progressing healthily so that’s all I can ask for. 28 weeks was a major milestone for me. This process has felt pretty surreal so hitting my third trimester makes it feel like this dream of mine is finally at my fingertips. A lot of people have asked if I’ll go on bed rest, and other deets but to be completely honest, we take one day at a time. I love this method of my doctor’s- it keeps me calm, helps me enjoy each day and to just be present.

Thanks for reading!


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