10 Things I Love About Being Pregnant

Posted on Mar 20 2017 - 7:00am by CARLY

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I happen to fall into the category of mama to be’s that love being pregnant. Morning sickeness and all, the past 7 months have been maybe the best of my life! It’s a combination of wanting these babies so badly combined with hormones I’m sure! Here are a few favorite things about pregnancy I enjoy the most:

1. People are nice. SO nice. They open doors more often than not, offer to carry things for you, and just when you’re busy in your own little world & forget you’re pregnant, say congratulations on the street. Everyone really does love a pregnant person.

2. When people ask, “boy or girl?” And I get to say “both!” I realize this one is my own little perk of being pregnant with not just twins, but a boy and a girl. But it’s one I really have a lot of fun with. I always catch people off guard with a confused face, and then they catch on:)

3. I’m never hungover. I wasn’t drinking a ton during the months leading up to pregnancy, but it really is nice to never have that mushy foggy feeling in the morning. I thought I would miss an occasional libation more, but I’m really just so happy and high on life I don’t mind its absence. Though I do miss a glass of REALLY GOOD red wine sometimes.  And I must admit I’m pretty happy I’ll get to enjoy cocktail hour by the lake in the summer. That’s the best.

4. My pregnancy pillow. Okay I realize this one is a bit materialistic but ooo is my Snoogle good to me. It’s so comfy to snuggle up to it-and definitely helps with my sleeping situation!

5. People let you use their restroom. This goes along with #1…people are just nice and throw out any “restrooms are for customers only” rules when they see your belly and realize there is a baby or two sitting on your bladder. I mean, don’t you hate it when you’re about to pee your pants and someone turns you down when you know there’s a bathroom 5 feet away? And you have to go search for a gas station?? Get pregnant and this will change. I’ve been in situations many times where if certain stores or restaurants didn’t let me use their baño right then, we’d all be in big trouble.

6. Shopping! Browsing (and purchasing) for babies is so much more fun than for adults. I seriously can’t walk by a baby store anymore without going in it. And I usually can’t walk out of a store without something in my hands.

7. Putting someone before me at all times. Or two someones :) It’s different than putting your loved ones in front of you. Literally everything I do as a pregnant person directly effects my babies, so although it’s often difficult, it truly does feel fulfilling to know I’m not taking care of myself but two other human beings. Sure, I will feel the same way (or more so) once they’re born, but now that they’re inside me, everything I eat, drink and do is so important.

8. Connections. I’ve connected with SO many old friends and SO many new friends over pregnancy, motherhood and twins. It’s truly been amazing to relate to other women going through the same things, or learning from other women who have already been through it. Aside from old and new friends, it’s been incredible to connect with some of my existing best friends in new fresh ways as we enter the beginning of another chapter together. It’ so heartwarming and gets me excited to share many more years ahead together.

9. My husband. I’m not going to lie…we went through some major rough patches the last year that were extremely challenging and trying on our marriage, but it’s been so neat to look at how far we’ve come and how much stronger we’ve come from it. I watched my home videos of our infertility doctor appts, shots and more that I recorded over the summer for the first time the other night and teared up reflecting on this powerful journey we’ve experienced together. Now that we’re pregnant, it’s been amazing to talk about and plan for our babies on the way. To see our dream unfold together has felt unreal.

10. Life. I’m in shock every day at what’s going on inside my body. Every second of discomfort leads to a little smile on my face just knowing that that pain in my rib or hip is actually due to a little one (or two) living in my belly. After they’re born, I will definitely miss feeling the twins inside of me. It’s by far the best thing I’ve ever felt and I’m trying to embrace these next couple months with them in this state, no matter how big or uncomfortable I get.

Thanks for stopping by! I may or may not report back to you with how I feel when I can’t move in a couple months-haha! ;)


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